Consulting Services

Since 2014, we have helped cross-industry clients solve complex business problems by designing and implementing next-generation digital and hybrid solutions, while navigating the growing list of technology related risks, cyber threats and regulatory compliance requirements facing the modern enterprise.

Innovation is inherently risky, and businesses have seen a cycle of volatility and macroeconomic conditions that impede their ability to innovate and grow. At NetraScale, we believe that a disruptive mindset, design thinking, enterprise architecture, sound engineering, QA testing, and adaptive risk management practices are at the heart of achieving successful transformation, compliance, and building the business agility needed to enable growth.

Our project track record includes the design, implementation, deployment automation, security hardening and support of mission-critical digital capabilities for the banking, fintech, payments/settlement, regtech, insurance, digital government, and retail/ecommerce sectors.


Organizational silos, data fragmentation, and misalignment often lead to enterprises executing digital transformation through stand-alone initiatives. This disconnected approach often impacts their ability to define and execute a consistent set of cost-effective, adaptive, and measurable strategic objectives.

NetraScale uses a unique portfolio of frameworks, reference architectures, and bespoke tools and services based on industry standards to support and de-risk the digital transformation objectives of our valued clients, from strategy through to delivery.

With our diverse core competencies, and cross-industry experience, underpinned by continuous learning and growing list of tech partnerships, we advise startups as well as large enterprises on strategy and digital platform technology, which infusing research, cross-cutting practices and best in class software solutions.