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Since 2014, NetraScale has played a pivotal role in driving large-scale digital transformation initiatives for the payments and settlement, fintech, regtech, central banking, ecommerce, insurance, and digital government sectors.

With a passion for innovation and a demonstrated history of client achievements across multiple jurisdictions, we have embarked on an exciting shift to digital operational resilience and compliance, fueled by our commitment to technological innovation.

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To positively impact our client's digital transformation journey by strengthening operational resilience, regulatory compliance, and helping to create sustainable and secure digital supply chains through adaptive innovation, human-centered design, and next-generation technologies.

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People first, innovation, integrity, sustainability, strong partnerships, thought leadership, and technology for enduring success and customer value. We are creating a work culture that excites, builds trust and shares success for all.

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We cultivate long-term partnerships by focusing on our clients’ business needs and creating an environment for teams to thrive in creativity, wellbeing, and transformative problem solving. We value the contributions of all colleagues and partners, and go the extra mile to support each other, help de-risk the product lifecycle, and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Our team

Day of a NetraScaler

Welcome to a day in the life of our vibrant NetraScale team, a diverse crew of professionals hailing from different parts of the world. Our global team is a tapestry of talent, each bringing a unique skill set to the table.

Our passion for technology unites us, transcending borders and time zones. The energy we bring to each meeting, scrum and design thinking workshop isn't just for the job at hand; it's the exhilaration of cyber risk and compliance innovation and the joy of being part of a forward-thinking, data-driven team with a shared vision.

Our virtual conversations spark with topics such as the latest cybersecurity updates, new AI regulations, fintech and regtech trends, and groundbreaking ideas from our partners in the quantum computing, blockchain, and cloud security communities, fostering an atmosphere where creativity flourishes and every voice is heard.

Our diverse backgrounds and skills converge to sculpt the vision we wish to project with our new website. But this is not just a new website; we're shaping a future, and our collective drive for client problem solving propels us every step of the way.

So, whether you're starting your day in Asia, winding down in The Americas, or grabbing lunch in your corner of EMEA, know that we're here, working together with unwavering enthusiasm to bring NetraScale to the next stage of growth.

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Leadership team

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Denis Nwanshi

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Chief Operating Officer

Mark Jamensky

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EVP, Business Development & Alliances

Aleesa Talmadge

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Chief Marketing Officer

Tobias Rinsche

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General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Kenyah Coombs

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Advisor & Non-Executive Director

Rob Stuart

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Chief Finance Officer

Femi Adesoye

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Chief Creative Officer

Sofia Supichaya

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Chief Customer Success Officer

Michael Gonzales

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Head of Risk & Compliance

Colin Ferris