AI-Powered Cyber Security and Compliance for SMBs

NetraScale puts the power of the latest AI technologies in your hands

Next-Generation Security

Combining AI, decentralized ledger technology, and quantum technologies in the Financial Services and Insurance sectors, NetraScale offers out-of-the-box next-generation security, efficiency, and compliance solutions. 

No need to hire expensive experts and train models. No need to build new infrastructure. Our suite of unique data-driven products plug right into your environment to enhance cyber security, reduce fraud, and strengthen operational resilience.

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Collaborative AI Ecosystem

NetraScale is creating a data-centric ecosystem that responds to client needs as threats and regulations evolve.

With our extensive domain experience and deep knowledge of financial and insurance market infrastructure and operations, we differentiate our AI and machine learning strategies by focusing on trust, flexibility and innovation.

We're contextualizing risk management by applying security by design principles, human-centered automation, and adaptive thinking, supported by community-driven threat intelligence.

This multi-faceted approach minimizes risk and strengthens operational resilience for our clients over the long-term.

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RiskAct: AI-Powered Cyber Security and Compliance for SMBs

RiskAct uses advanced AI models to identify, track, and quantify your financial institution or insurance company’s risk profile and provide an actionable, prioritized list of tasks you can perform to keep your organization safe from cyber threats, and be compliant with regulations.

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OpenRisk Lab: Collective Threat Intelligence

As the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) points out, strengthening collaboration for cyber resilience is the key to security and resilience.

Fostering a culture of collaboration is essential for attaining comprehensive operational resilience in today's hyper-connected digital economy. This is particularly crucial for smaller organizations and startups that don't possess the vast datasets and advanced AI/ML skills required to safeguard digital assets.

Register early for Open Risk Lab and prepare to unlock the advantages of countering cyber threats through shared technological advances, best practices, and collective risk innovation.

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ChainRegs: Real time transaction monitoring like no other

ChainRegs leverages the latest AI technology to track and flag a whole host of potential issues. From behavioral analytics to pattern recognition, from anomaly detection to geo and device tracking, and more, ChainRegs identifies issues in real time. 

Its technology increases accuracy and reduces false positives, leaving your investigators focused on keeping your institution safe.

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Crowd Zero Trust: Unleashing Advanced AI for Adaptive Cyber Resilience and Compliance

NetraScale recognizes the limitations of current Zero Trust approaches in today's threat landscape, with Gartner analysts predicting that "through 2026, more than half of cyberattacks will be aimed at areas that zero- trust controls don’t cover and cannot mitigate". We have partnered with the world-renowned AI and data science minds at University College London (UCL) to develop a proof of concept for CrowdZeroTrust. This innovative solution leverages advanced AI models, Zero Knowledge Proof and seamless DevSecOps integration to proactively hunt threats, simplify compliance, and empower digital ecosystems to thrive. CrowdZeroTrust is designed to address the security needs of high-risk industries and complex environments, offering robust data privacy and defense against ever-evolving cyberattacks.

Visit the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) page for more information

The NetraScale difference

Where incumbent technologies are tacking Machine Learning and AI onto existing solutions, NetraScale solutions are built with the latest AI algorithms and datasets at their core. 

Leveraging partnerships and breakthroughs from research institutions such as Berkley, MIT, Oxford Business School, University College London and others, our technologies automate processes and learn along the way, resulting in powerful cyber security and risk management solutions that keep your organization safe and secure.