Generative AI In Finance: Borealis AI / NetraScale Virtual Panel Discussion

Generative AI In Finance: Borealis AI / NetraScale Virtual Panel Discussion

Shape the Future of Finance with Generative AI 

Join Borealis AI, RBC's Research Institute, and NetraScale for an informative virtual event!

Unleash the transformative power of Generative AI in financial services alongside world-class expertise from Borealis AI, a leader in responsible AI innovation for the financial industry.

This collaborative event aligns perfectly with NetraScale's mission of empowering highly regulated institutions to leverage AI and other next-generation technologies while building cyber resilience and compliance across the digital supply chain.

Explore cutting-edge applications of Generative AI:

  • Enhanced Security & Risk Management: Discover how AI can revolutionize fraud detection, credit scoring, and financial modeling within regulatory frameworks.
  • The Future of Compliance: Navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and ensure ethical considerations are at the forefront of AI development.
  • Actionable Strategies: Gain insights on how to implement Generative AI solutions effectively within your financial institution.

This one-hour virtual event offers:

  • Expert-Led Panel Discussion: Hear from Borealis AI's Director of Product Management, NetraScale's Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance specialists, and other leading AI experts.
  • Q&A: Submit your questions now and get answers from seasoned professionals.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Leave with practical strategies to integrate Generative AI responsibly into your financial services operations.


  • Calvin Gerus, Director, Product, Borealis AI
  • Cristal Quinones, Director Risk & Compliance, NetraScale
  • Michael Borrelli, Director, AI & Partners
  • Aradhna Chetal, Chief Information Security Officer (Americas), NetraScale
  • Richard Boire, Professor, Data Science/Data/Mining/Business Analytics, George Brown College
  • Denis Nwanshi (Moderator), Founder & CEO NetraScale


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New York



To submit questions for our speakers in advance of the event, please go to:
Password: GenAI123


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